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Partial/ Full Dentures 

Whether you are missing one or all of your teeth, a denture is an option for you. Partial dentures are used to replace one or several missing teeth and include “pontic” teeth, which fill the spaces of the missing teeth. Full dentures are plates containing an entire arch of pontic teeth that are able to fill an entire arch. Partial dentures use clasps and wires to hold the denture in place, where full dentures need some adhesive to attach the denture to the roof of the mouth. Dentures are created by taking impressions of each arch and a bite registration to create the perfect fit. The downside to dentures is that they can be challenging to get used to, may not feel as comfortable as natural teeth and can break over time. 

Dental Bridge 

A dental bridge is an excellent option for replacing 1 or 2 teeth side by side. A dental bridge uses the two surrounding teeth as support for the pontic(s) that fills the missing tooth/teeth space. Dental bridges can last 10-20 years if cared for properly. The downside to dental bridges is that both teeth on either side of the space need to be sanded down to place crowns on them, even if they are healthy teeth. 

Dental Implants 

Dental implants are the best option for replacing missing teeth. Dental implants can be used for single missing teeth to entire arches of missing teeth. Dental implants function and feel like natural teeth. As well, they last a lifetime if properly cared for. Implants are also the only tooth replacement option that preserves the jawbone from resorbing. A dental implant consists of a titanium screw inserted into the jawbone and a porcelain or ceramic crown placed on top. The titanium screw is left for 4-6 months before the crown is placed to heal properly in the bone before receiving any biting forces. Implant-supported dentures can be used for an entire arch of missing teeth by placing several implants along the jaw and a fixed denture supported on top. The benefit of an implant-supported denture over a standard denture is that it is fixed and doesn’t need to be removed. 

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