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Peg-shaped teeth, often referred to as “peg laterals,” are a dental condition that affects the size and shape of the upper lateral teeth, which are the second from the centre. It occurs when the teeth do not fully form and erupt smaller in size and sometimes pointier. It may affect both or just one of the upper lateral teeth. The condition may be mild, not affecting the size of the tooth very much, or severe, causing a large discrepancy in size and shape.

Treatment for peg-shaped laterals will depend on size, shape, cost of treatment, recommendation by your dentist and your preference. Listed below are treatment options for peg-shaped teeth. 

No Dental Treatment

Of course, the first option we will discuss is no treatment. If a patient isn’t concerned with the appearance of these teeth and there is no functional problem, they can certainly be left as is. 

Dental Bonding

If the peg laterals are large and strong enough, your dentist may be able to use filling material to bond to the front, edge and side portions of the teeth to build them up and modify their appearance. This is a very cost-effective solution but may not last as long as a more permanent solution such as dental crowns or veneers. Bonding may chip and wear with time and need to be touched up.

Dental Veneers 

A veneer is made in a dental lab and is created to precisely fit your teeth and preferences, changing the tooth’s size, shape and colour. A small portion of the tooth’s outer structure is sanded down, and the veneer is bonded to the front surface. Veneers are a more permanent and lasting solution than dental bonding, but they will also be more expensive. In addition, there has to be enough natural tooth structure to bond the veneer, and if there isn’t, a crown is the only option. 

Dental Crowns 

A crown is the best solution for a peg-shaped tooth’s structural integrity, function, aesthetics and longevity. It is a full coverage cap that gets cemented onto the tooth once it is sanded down. Like a veneer, it is fabricated in a dental lab suited to your mouth to your specifications. Because it is the best and most lasting option, it is also the most costly. 

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