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Have you ever thought about switching from a manual to an electric toothbrush? Choosing the right electric toothbrush that’s best for you can seem complicated, with several different brands and models to choose from. Research shows that electric toothbrushes offer a superior clean over manual toothbrushes. They can clean away more plaque and bacteria and are easier to use by brushing for you. There is the perfect electric toothbrush out there to suit your particular oral health needs. 

How Do They Work? 

Electric toothbrushes use powered bristles that move in a circular, sweeping, or vibrating motion to remove plaque and stain from tooth surfaces. Electric toothbrushes can perform more brush strokes in 2 minutes of brushing than you can achieve with a manual toothbrush. They have been proven to remove more plaque, reduce gum inflammation and prevent gingivitis. They work in such a way that they can replicate dental office equipment, like the polish.

Ease of use is one of the most prominent features of electric toothbrushes. Manual toothbrushes require a proper brushing stroke to remove plaque, whereas electric toothbrushes will do the work for you if placed appropriately along the teeth surfaces. Each tooth requires about 3 seconds of brushing, and it is essential to leave the toothbrush in place instead of brushing back and forth with it. Some electric toothbrushes will notify you when finished with each side of the mouth. With their ease of use, electric toothbrushes are ideal for seniors and children who may have difficulty using a manual toothbrush. 


Many electric toothbrushes include features that make brushing more manageable, efficient, and fun. Various features include: 

  • Different brush modes such as deep clean, sensitive and tongue clean 
  • Pressure indicator to prevent aggressive brushing that causes gum recession 
  • 2-minute brush timer with quadrant notification 
  • Colour selection 
  • Access to an app to track oral health 

Compared with manual, electric toothbrushes offer a far superior clean for the average person. It might just be the key component you need to optimize your oral health routine. If you have any questions about electric toothbrushes and which one to choose, we encourage you to contact us today to schedule an appointment.