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We all know that sugar intake affects our teeth and can lead to tooth decay, but did you know that the PH level can also change the risk to teeth? The PH level is how acidic or basic something is that we are eating or drinking. Sparkling water is thought to be more acidic than flat water because of the added carbonation. 

The Study 

Extracted teeth that were donated were used for the study, which tested the effect of sparkling water vs. flat water. Teeth were submerged for some time in both types of water, and the result? Sparking water appeared to have no adverse effect on the teeth, much like flat water.  

It appears that sipping on sparkling water throughout the day will not lead to cavities or enamel erosion. But be aware, any sparking water with additives like citrus may have a more damaging effect on the teeth as the acidity level will be higher. Also, the best way to have your sparkling water would be in a machine where you can make it at home, because the use of tap water will incorporate fluoride into the sparkling water, giving you that added anti-cavity protection.

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What Not to Drink 

Any drinks containing sugar or high acidity levels are not going to be good for your teeth. This means soda, fruit juices with added sugar and even natural juice with natural sugar all have a cavity-causing effect on the teeth.  

Frequency Vs. Quantity 

Think about it this way; the frequency in which you consume sugary or acidic drinks is the most crucial factor in cavity risk. If you have a small glass of orange juice, but you sip it slowly over the course of a few hours, the exposure to sugars will actually be greater than gulping back a sugary soda all at once (although not good for your health!). The exposure time is an important factor in cavity risk.   

If you think you may have acid erosion or a cavity, or have any questions about cavity-causing foods or drinks, we encourage you to contact us today to schedule an appointment.