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Dental implants are the gold standard for replacing missing teeth. Advancements in the dental industry over the last 20 years have created options for patients missing teeth; we are no longer living in the age of dentures, although dentures are still a viable option. Whether a patient is missing 1 or all of their teeth, dental implants are the best option to replace them and give the patient back proper function and aesthetics. A dental implant is a titanium screw that is inserted into the bone where the gap is, that then has a dental crown placed on top. The screw takes several months to integrate into the bone before the crown can be placed and it can withstand force. Listed below are five benefits of dental implants:

Functions Just Like A Natural Tooth

Once an implant is placed, integrated into the bone and the dental crown is placed on top, it functions the same as a natural tooth. You don’t have to worry about taking anything out or putting it in. A dental implant is used for biting and chewing just like a natural tooth. A dental implant also gets cleaned like a natural tooth, with brushing and flossing to prevent bacteria build up.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Dental implants are by far the most superior aesthetic for replacing missing teeth. Dental implants use crowns on top that are fabricated in a lab to match inside a patient’s mouth. The colour, shape, and size can all be determined before the crown is even made.

Can Last A Lifetime

Dental implants can last a lifetime if properly cared for. That means adequate brushing, flossing and dental cleanings/ check-ups to monitor the health of the implant and surrounding teeth.

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Saves Surrounding Teeth

If a gap is left from a missing tooth, oftentimes the opposing teeth will over erupt and the adjacent teeth will drift forward to fill the space. It is important to address a gap before surrounding teeth start to shift to prevent extra work/procedures. In addition, bone in the jaw will resorb away from an area without a tooth, so the sooner an implant is placed after a tooth is lost, the better.

Can Be Used for The Entire Mouth

A dental implant can be used to replace 1 missing tooth or an entire arch of missing teeth. Several implants can be placed along the arch of missing teeth and an implant supported denture can be placed on top. This type of denture is fixed, meaning it doesn’t require removal and insertion and prevents a patient from having to deal with the difficulties of removable dentures.

If you believe you may benefit from an implant, or have any questions about them, we encourage you to contact us today to schedule an appointment.