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Dental x-rays are pictures that are taken of our teeth that show the underlying structures beneath the soft tissues, and in areas, we can’t visually see. X-rays are black and white images that show us the density of oral structures. On an x-ray, the lighter a structure is, the denser it is (called opaque), the darker a structure is, the less dense it is (called radiolucent.) Therefore enamel of teeth shows up very light, and gum tissue shows up very dark, almost not noticeable on an x-ray. 

Why Are X-Rays Taken?

  • Checking for cavities on biting surfaces, in-between the teeth and underneath the gums 
  • Checking for infections at the root (apex) of any of the teeth 
  • Monitoring the health and levels of the bone and periodontal ligament support
  • Checking the angulation of tooth roots 
  • Checking for any abnormalities such as cysts 
  • Monitoring the health of past restorative work 
  • Checking wisdom teeth impaction
  • Monitoring the health of the jaw joint 
  • Used for patients with dental braces (before and after)
  • In kids, checking the eruption of baby teeth 
  • In kids, checking for extra or missing adult teeth under the gums 

example xray showing wisdom teeth mississauga dentist

When Are X-rays Recommended? 

X-rays are recommended based on an individual’s need. If there is an issue or concern, an x-ray will be needed to get a full picture of what is going on. Cavity check-up x-rays are recommended every 1-3 years based on cavity risk. Someone who has never had a cavity will be recommended less frequently, and someone who is cavity prone will be recommended more often. 

Dental Considerations

X-rays are only taken when needed/ recommended. Most dental offices offer digital x-rays, which significantly reduce the radiation exposure. Lead aprons are used to cover the vital structures in the neck and torso. Regular check-up x-rays (a series of 4 x-rays) are around the same amount of radiation as the average background radiation in 1 day or the radiation from a 1-hour flight (very minimal!)

If you have any questions about dental x-rays, we encourage you to contact us today to schedule an appointment.