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Walking into a drug store, it can be overwhelming trying to pick from the vast array of products on the shelf and what will work best for your mouth based on your individual needs. Below are listed many of the products you may find at the store, and what they are used for.

Manual Toothbrush- Manual toothbrushes come in super soft, soft, medium and hard. Super soft toothbrushes are recommended for patients with recession or patients that scrub too aggressively, to preserve the gum line. Soft toothbrushes are the most commonly recommended, and medium and hard are just too abrasive on the gums, don’t use them!

Electric Toothbrush- Electric toothbrushes often do an excellent cleaning job when compared to a manual toothbrush. Electric toothbrushes either come in a circular or oval head shape, and either use an oscillating or sweeping motion. Electric toothbrushes can achieve more brush strokes in a minute than a human hand and are therefore considered to be a superior clean if appropriately used.

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Floss- Floss comes in either waxed or un-waxed. Waxed floss is excellent for tighter contacts between teeth that may shred the floss and is known to be easier to use. Un-waxed floss can absorb more bacteria than waxed floss but is more prone to shredding and tearing.

Floss Wands- Floss wands are a great alternative to manual floss for patients who find flossing challenging. Floss wands contain a pre-cut piece of floss on a handle. Floss wands can be either disposable or reusable depending on the type. They are great for kids and patients with lower skill.

Water Floss- Water floss is an electric tool that sprays water in a jet stream to clean out bacteria from difficult to reach spots. Water floss is highly recommended for a patient with braces or with deep gum recession.

Tongue Scraper- Tongue scrapers are used to remove the bacteria accumulation on the surface of the tongue. Because the surface of the tongue is uneven from microscopic taste buds, bacteria can quickly accumulate. A tongue scraper uses a corrugated edge to clean the bacteria out.

Sulcabrush- This brush has a small end of bristles, about 1/3 the size of a regular manual toothbrush. It is used to clean out areas that are difficult for a large brush head to access, such as around back molars or gum loss between teeth.

Proxabrush- A proxabrush is a small pipe cleaner looking brush that is used to clean around the brackets and bands of braces as well as in between teeth.

Rubber Tip Stimulator- This tool is used to promote good blood flow to the gums and reduce gum inflammation. The rubber tip is used to apply light pressure to the gums.

It is essential to discuss with your dentist/ dental hygienist what products will work best for your individual needs. If you have any questions about any dental product or how to use them, we encourage you to contact us today to schedule an appointment.